Monday, April 1, 2013

Fax from David Hockney

A fax from David Hockney's LA Studio November 1995. The numbers are now defunct and the message private. It was to tell the secretary of a rich scientist wanting a portrait of her boss that 'Mr Hockney will not be able to accept the commission. It is not a normal policy for Mr Hockney to accept commissions for portraits, as he wishes to choose his own sitters. We trust you will understand...'

At some point in the 90s Hockney was doing 'fax art' and presumably the header of this fax is his work or was chosen by him. The fax has not faded and is as bright as the day it was sent.


  1. Yes That's a Hockney -it's the handwriting and the curtains.

  2. Thanks Helga - have had it confirmed elsewhere. Hope it doesn't fade like every other fax!

  3. Fax is an invention in the field of technology. A fax machine is the one which is used for sending and receiving the messages. Lots of companies provide the fax services to their user/clients.