Thursday, July 25, 2013

Too cool names

Found in a HarperCollins paperback Cool Names for Babies (2007 reprinted from Mother & Baby magazine) a list of names that are 'too cool' - in fact it's the last chapter. Have added a few..

What makes a name too cool? Trying so hard that coolness is its main, and maybe its only, merit. Being so aggressively hip that poor little Kool willl bend under the expectations of grooviness created by his name… the line of what constitutes too cool a name seems to get redrawn every day [but] these choices will probably be on the wrong side of it for a long time to come.. 

Henri Cartier Bresson 1954

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  1. I've got the book so I worked out that you added Kerouac, Mingus, Yogi, Zappa, Chardonnay and Ribena. Mingus would get confused with 'minger' and as for Ribena!!! Great blog, keep it going please.