Sunday, March 3, 2013

Who are you aiming at?

Someone emailed asking 'for whom is this site intended?' Not sure -we are still finding our way. Apart from Barry Cox (all glories to his name) no-one has added anything. Not a problem as we have unlimited reserves...this is a scintilla of HG Wells' World Brain, a drop in the vast ocean of knowledge... Short answer - we are aiming at:

Enthusiasts, scholars, readers & re-readers, polymaths, historians, beatniks, robots, bibliomaniacs, collectors, academics, curators, archivists, scientists, botanists, gourmets, goths, gurus, gossips, geeks, pataphysicians, hipsters, bores, geniuses, diarists, pedants, intellectuals, flaneurs, ramblers, boulevardiers, bluestockings, hoarders, quizmasters, know-alls, art dealers, theorists, philosophers, jesters, occultists, walking encyclopaedias, antiquarians, autodidacts, autobiographers, nuns, monks, eggheads, child prodigies, analysts, data miners, savants, renaissance men and women, revolutionaries, obsessives, omnivores, entrepreneurs, engineers, sophisticates, arguers, inventors, lexicographers, burners of the midnight oil, keepers of the flame, seekers of the Grail, Utopians, topographers, voyagers, travellers, explorers, perpetual students, poets, princesses, pundits, punks and pamphleteers…

Last days at the great book barn clearance

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  1. Coolist Suggestion highbrows, lowbrows, middle brows actually all brow-sers. Danny de Taxi